The W.O.L.F. (Willis Outdoor Learning Facility) is an outdoor learning area located behind Willis Lane Elementary School. Our Texas-shaped garden features drought tolerant plants that are native to each eco-region of Texas. We are a certified Monarch Waystation through Monarch Watch. Our school garden also promotes water conservation by using a rainwater harvesting system and drip irrigation.

Let's help the Monarchs! - Friday, September 23rd, 3:30pm-4:30pm 


Our school is on a mission to help Monarch butterflies.  We welcome students, parents, teachers, and community members to join us in the WOLF (Willis Outdoor Learning Facility) to learn more about this majestic pollinator and how Citizen Science programs are helping Monarch butterflies.  The WOLF garden is a certified Monarch Waystation, offering host plants and nectar plants to Monarchs as they migrate to their winter roosts in Mexico. We'll talk about the importance of native milkweed and ways our community can help boost the monarch population.  Attendees will learn how to tag monarchs for Monarch Watch and report Monarch sightings to Journey North, a Citizen Scientist program that helps researchers track Monarch migration.


Last year, 5 Monarchs were tagged in the WOLF during their Fall migration by students and parent volunteers!  If you are interested in getting your own tagging kit, you can order them from Monarch Watch  But don't wait too long!  Peak time for Monarch migration in our area is September 29th - October 11th. 


We'll see you on September 23rd!  Students must be accompanied by an adult for this event.