Room Reps - Thank You for Volunteering to represent your classroom.  Here is the Reimbursement form that you will need to submit your Room Rep expenses (Click Here). 


In addition, here is some information about their Teacher that may be helpful for All Parents

Please click on the teacher's name to view their "Getting To Know You" Form.

Amily Shari


Amy Harp


Andrea Buckner


Anthony Gaby


Ashleigh Duffy


Baily Jansen


Candace Hubans


Casie Howard


Cheryl Hudson


Christy Taylor


Cristina Asfour


Cynthia Lee


Garrick Van Dyke


Ginger Painter


Hilary McPherson


Jan Yowell


Jeff Gaunt


Joni Medford


Julie Fry


Kathy Laupus


Kimberly Saylor


Laura Collins


Lauren Painter


LeighAnn English


Lillian Brinson


Lisa Woolfolk


Luonne Malone


Madeline Busby


Madison Gaby


Marian Dant


Megan Curtner


Megan Mesimer


Melissa Denton


Michele Price


Michelle Steele


Natalie Shisler


Saige Nicols


Sally Davis


Sharon Mabie


Shelby Casillas


Shelby Etheredge


Shelly McKenzie


Sheryl Bonifant


Tracy Lipper


Trina Drake


Wani Coker